Target prospects using our unrivalled property knowledge.

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Users can target their mailings using any or all the following address level refinements:

  • All UK Residential addresses – 28+ Million Residential addresses broken down into each address element.
  • On Market Information – OTM & SSTC.
  • Council Tax Band Indicator – A-H for England & Scotland, A-I for Wales.
  • Sales History Information – Month Sold & Year Sold.
  • Tenure – Owner Occupier, Private Rental or Social Housing.
  • Estimated Current Property Value – Sales & Lettings.
  • Property Type – Detached, Semi-Detached, Terraced, Flat, Bungalow, Town House, etc.
  • Internal Floor Area – Square Footage of a Property.
  • Bedroom Amount – 1-6+ Bedrooms.
  • Last Mailed Date – Broken down by Month.
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Gain access to all UK Residential Properties and what they are made up of a wide range of property information is available at over 28+ million UK Residential Addresses.