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Sample Packs Available 

Choose between a direct mail sample or print on demand sample or order both. 

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Direct Mail Samples

  • Sold in Street and Likely Landlords

       A4 Letter 120gsm SS window envelope


  • Just Let and On The Market

       2x A4 Letters 120gsm DS personalised envelope

  • Just Let

       A5 Postcard 350gsm gloss laminated

  • Open House

       A5 Postcard 350gsm matt laminated

  • Invitation to Value

       A5 Postcard 350gsm silk personalised envelope

  • Downsizers

      A5 Multipage Mailer 6 pages 350gsm clear tabbed

Print On Demand Samples

  • Let in Street Campaign

       A5 flyer landscape 350gsm silk

  • Sold in Street Campaign

      A5 flyer portrait 350gsm silk

  • Window Card

      A4 350gsm silk

  • Backlit Transparency

      A4 170gsm

  • Business Cards

      400gsm SS matt laminated

      400gsm DS matt laminated

     400gsm DS gloss laminated

  • Sales Particulars

       Luxury 400gsm 6 pages matt laminated

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