Open House

Open up your property to find your perfect buyer today.

Open House Mailings

Users now have the ability to send out invitations in personalised envelopes to invite nearby residents to a viewing event of a homeowners property currently 'For Sale' in their area.


Because of the nature of Open House Invitations being send to residents in a close proximity to a property 'For Sale' this ensures that the property receives maximum attendance, creating a real buzz around the event of both genuinely interested buyers and of course a few nosey neighbours.

The Steps:

  1. Add the address to be used at the centre point of the target area using our UK wide search facility or upload your own address using our automated upload facility.

  2. Select the value of nearby properties to be targeted.

  3. Pick the number of mailings to be sent out.

  4. Choose an invitation style mailer for the campaign and further customise.

  5. Review costs and confirm order.


Open House Postcard Mailings

  • Includes automated or semi-automated service

  • Includes copy written, branded and personalised 350 gsm postcard

  • Includes standard envelope 

  • Include deluxe coloured and personalised envelope (+10p)

  • Includes printing, packaging & postage




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