GDPR Compliant Data

Our users can be assured that all of our data is fully GDPR compliant. 

Our Data Provision

You can be assured that we are leading the way with the latest GDPR compliance. We currently have all relevant safeguarding in place and will continue to ensure that our practices remain up-to-date with the latest ICO requirements.

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Handled With Care

At Information Works, we take the handling of personal data extremely seriously.

We ensure that the rights and interests of individuals are fully considered and protected at all times. 


We offer our users only fully GDPR compliant data, providing them with absolute confidence when using our mailing services. 

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Precise targeting is one of our specialities. We provide marketing that is of high relevance to consumers. Furthermore, consumers are always provided with details as to how they can opt out of any future correspondences through the mailing pieces provided by Information Works.