Environmental Policy

We are committed to transparency when it comes to environmental issues.

The Environment

Wherever and whenever we can, we are looking to try and reduce our overall impact on the environment. We are adopting new, more environmentally friendly products as they become available.

An icon of two leaves growing together overlapping slightly.
An icon of two leaves side by side representing the woodland trust.

Woodland Trust

All paper used by Information Works on behalf of its customers is sourced in association with the Woodland Trust, with a levy being applied on every sheet we purchase supporting biodiversity projects across the UK. All paper products used are totally chlorine free.

Carbon Footprint

Further reductions to our "Carbon Footprint" is done by using only UK sourced wood pulp and by taking part in the Woodland Carbon Scheme, through the planting of replacement trees proportionate to our paper usage.

An icon of foot representing a carbon footprint.
An icon tha represents recycling.

Coming Soon

Many of our users are still keen to use laminated products due to the durability and luxurious finish they offer to mailings. However, the lamination process involves covering mailers in a layer of non-biodegradable plastic, making the product un-recyclable. We are currently testing a new-to-market biodegradable laminate, which we hope to offer customers shortly.