Edit Me

Learn all about our online opt-out and editing facility used on our mailings.

The editme logo.


In order to access the website, mailing recipients simply go to www.EditMe.info as directed on all our mailings. They can then enter their own unique reference number found beneath their postcode.


Address details, along with the date of mailing and creators details will be displayed.

An icon of a person reviewing something.
An icon of a list containig bullet points next to a pencil.


Removal of address details from future mailings can then be requested. To verify the update, a confirmation email will be sent.


An email notification is automatically sent when the database has been updated with all changes made.

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Contact information of the creator is provided upon request.

Best in Class

This facility reduces negativity from recipients of unwanted mailings and provides a “best in class” approach to the management of personal data suppressions and ongoing GDPR compliance.

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