Discount Postage

Using the latest postage technology, we are able to offer unbeatable postage rates on all of our direct mail products.

Discount Postage

Postage Services

Mail with confidence knowing our postage services will ensure your products are delivered in the best possible condition, whilst being offered to our users at market leading prices.

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In order to ensure that we can guarantee the very best discount postage rates on all of our direct mail products, we have moved all of our postage production onto the latest Royal Mail accredited platform.

Trackable Mail

Using The Royal Mail & barcoding technology, every single mailing we produce takes advantage of the best available discount postage rates and tracking ability.

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This service uses our barcoding Technology, which is applied to all mailing pieces before we provide them to The Royal Mail, along with an an accompanying report of all the mailings included in each batch.

Tracking Information

A unique reference number is carried within the barcode so that when The Royal Mail receives the mailing, it can be read when processed and checked against report. This allows Royal Mail to provide information to us regarding the processing of an item.

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Returns Management


Dealing With Mail Returns

Take the burden out of mailing returns and let Information Works do the work for you today. All undelivered mail is automatically returned to our returns management centre at Hartham Park for processing.


Each item of returned mail features a unique barcode carrying prospects name and address details, mailing dates and sender information. This information is scanned and recorded within our software.

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Manage My Details

Recipients of mailings are also provided with the Editme website details and a unique reference number, enabling them to access the site and review their contact information and enter their mailing preferences as required.


The updates received are then applied to our database, ensuring suppression requests are reflected when carrying out future direct mail campaigns.

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