Data Profiling

This can be one of the most cost effective tools for determining which prospects to target for your business.

Standard Profiling

Our data match, overlay and profiling service is an essential tool for targeting the right prospects.

How It Works

One of a businesses most valuable assets in obtaining new customers, is the knowledge that can be obtained from existing customer data.


The key to extracting real value lies in understanding the make up of a customer and the products and services they purchase.


That’s why we carry out customer profiling, to understand this information.

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Match and Overlay

Using our sophisticated customer profiling software, we match and overlay our users name and address data against our multi-level prospect database.


This enables us to append further information, providing a wider range of identifiable characteristics.


We then compare the individual characteristics of each customer with the rest of the database to find the common traits they possess to establish profiles.

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Extreme Profiling

Take the guesswork out of prospecting using our fact-based profiling tools.

What We Do

Through combining on and offline data sources, Information Works have created a range of extremely accurate profiles.

We ensure that the prospects targeted using this facility are most likely to be responsive to the relevant propositions.

Other profiles can be created and applied to our users accounts upon request.

The Process

Using a wide range of transactional information, we are able to build up a detailed understanding of property based consumer purchasing habits to create profiles of specific groups.

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Likely Movers Profile

The profiles used to identify likely movers includes historic land registry sales data, length of ownership data, property value data, age of owner data and sales information.

Using these statistics we are able to predict the most likely time period properties will be placed onto the market.

Likely Landlords Profile

The profiles used to identify likely landlords includes residents age data, income data, property value data, investor data and social economic indicators of known landlords.

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Likely Downsizers Profile

The profiles used to identify likely downsizers consists of property owning residents of 65 years or above, living an excess of 10 years in the same property with a value of £350,000 or above.