Creating a Direct Mail Campaign

Our step by step process enables our users to create fully customised Direct Mail Campaigns in less than three minutes. 

Create a Direct Mail Campaign

Template Setup

Users can select templates from our Template Library to be applied to their account.

They can apply their own artwork to their account with ease.

They can also get bespoke templates created by our design team.

An icon of pencil drawing a line.
An icon of three books stacked on top of one another representin the template library.

Template Selection

Users can then select the required template from their own Template Library. 

Once selected, localised text and image editing can be applied allowing for the personalisation of each campaign.

Edits Made Easy

In order to make editing even easier for our users, pre-populated image and text options can be pre-loaded as drop downs for quicker input.

An icon of the editing process of a mailer.
An icon of two images overlapping.

Digital Asset Management

Users can also upload and crop images using our Digital Asset Management facility. 

Images can be saved and stored in virtual folders for use in future campaigns.

Good To Go

Once these processes have been completed, users are able to review a proof of their artwork before completing their order, ensuring full control at all stages of the process.

An icon of a tick in a box.